Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
374 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
December 2019
Print ISBN: 9781773381367

The world of language teaching is vast, and while no book could possibly cover every relevant topic in detail, in Teaching English: A Practical Guide for Language Teachers, we've attempted to provide a thorough introduction to all the essential topics. This companion website supplements the book by providing links and handouts that cover a wide range of topics at various levels of expertise: introductory ideas for new teachers; handouts for teacher-trainees to use for practice; activities and lessons for teachers to use or adapt for their classes; links to useful articles, journals and organizations; practice sites for language students; and so on. The focus, in most cases, is on providing practical ideas and content for new(er) language teachers.

All handouts below (in pdf or doc format) are free to download, print, and use; most websites linked below also provide free access, though a few require an account or a subscription.

Chapter 1: All About Teachers

Chapter 2: Learning About Learners

Levels and Benchmarks

Chapter 3: Learning from Others: Approaches and Methods

Chapter 4: Planning Courses, Using Textbooks

Chapter 5: Planning Lessons and Activities

Chapter 6: Class Management

Chapter 7: Assessment

Chapter 8: Teaching Speaking

Chapter 9: Teaching Listening Comprehension

Chapter 10: Teaching Reading

Chapter 11: Teaching Writing

Chapter 12: Understanding and Teaching Vocabulary

Chapter 13: Understanding Grammar

Chapter 14: Teaching Grammar

Chapter 15: Understanding Speech Sounds

Chapter 16: Teaching Sound Perception and Pronunciation

Chapter 17: Linguistic Factors in Language Acquisition

Chapter 18: Intercultural Communication

Chapter 19: Frequently Asked Questions

  • JET Programme: The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme
  • Auxiliares de Conversation: English Language and Culture Assistants in Spain
  • TAPIF: Teaching Assistant Program in France
  • TLG: Teach and Learn with Georgia
  • EPIK: English Program in Korea
  • TaLK: Teach and Learn in Korea


  • See the corresponding chapters above.