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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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436 pages
6 x 9 inches
February 2003
Print ISBN: 9781551302195


This book is a collection of papers delivered at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transitional Year Programme (TYP) of the University of Toronto. It presents the collective and distinct voices of the contributors to the conference, many of whom are experienced university educators and are considered experts in the area of education access and equity. Among the contributors are past and present students of TYP.

The conference papers are focused on: the weight of university education in national development; significant current themes in education; class, race, and gender barriers to education equity; racism and stereotyping; changes universities must undergo in order to make real access a possibiility; school retention and drop-outs; standardized testing; mentoring; education; funding and student debt; curricula development; the value of culture in education; ethno-cultural equity in faculty hiring; and private schooling.

This book makes a valuable contribution to the discussion on equity, access, and democratizing education in Canada and will inform policy development and implementation at the university level.

Table of Contents

Preface - Jack Wayne

Part One: Opening and Introduction
Opening Prayer - Elder Lillian McGregor
Acknowledging Our Ancestors: TYP's Thirtieth Anniversary - Carol Couchie (TYP 1989-90)
Chapter 1: Access and Equity in the University: An Introduction - Keren S. Brathwaite
TYP Alumni Voices
Reflections - Alexander Francis (1973-1974)
From Amusement Park to University - Marilli Martyn (1985-1986)

Part Two: The Meaning of Access and Equity
Chapter 2: Is It Possible to Have Access and Equity in University Education in the Twenty-First Century? Lessons from the Transitional Year Programme of the University of Toronto - Horace Campbell
Chapter 3: Reflections on My Years in TYP: Lessons in Education Equity - Keren S. Brathwaite
Chapter 4: University Access and Educational Opportunity: A Canadian Perspective - Ketih A. Allen
Chapter 5: Implications of Providing Access in a Context of Inequality - Rona Abramovitch
Chapter 6: Dimensions of Access to Transition - Frederick Ivor Case
Chapter 7: TYP and University Boundaries - Frank Cunningham
TYP Alumni Voices
TYP Has Opened Doors for Me - Thomas Howe (TYP 1988-1989)
The TYP Route to a Ph.D. - Paul Bakary Gibba (TYP 1993-1994)

Part Three: Critical Considerations and Strategies for Increasing Access and Equity
Chapter 8: Becoming "Insiders": Racialized Students in the Academy - Carl E. James
Chapter 9: Aboriginal Students in the Transitional Year Programme at the University of Toronto - Eileen M. Antone
Chapter 10: From Outsider to Insider: Toward a Model of Transition for Non-traditional University Students - Carolyn Stallberg-White
Chapter 11: Minority Graduate Students and Funding: What Do We Know? - Roslyn Thomas-Long
Chapter 12: Teaching and Learning Strategies that Promote Access, Equity, and Excellence in University Education - Selina L.P. Mushi
TYP Alumni Voices
TYP Prepared Me for Graduate School - Claude Davis (TYP 1994-1995)
Building My Self-Esteem Through Success in TYP - Simone Amelia Louis (TYP 1996-1997)
The Lost Playground! - Mohamed Abdulle "Dudishe" (TYP 1997-1998)

Part Four: Implications of Naming and Perception for Access and Equity
Chapter 13: Breaking the Testing Mould: Or What Opponents of Affirmative Action Can Learn from TYP-ing - Olufemi Taiwo
Chapter 14: Stop Calling Us "Slaves" - Althea Prince
Chapter 15: The Sociological Imagination, Critique of the Model Minority Argument, and Empowerment - Horace Henriques
Chapter 16: Diversity and Representation in Canadian Universities: What Do University Web Sites Say? - Andrew M.A. Allen
TYP Alumni Voices
From TYP Student to Winner of National Scholarship - Tyler Burgess (TYP 1998-1999)
TYP Took My Dreams and Made Them Real! - Jennifer Cowan (TYP 1999-2000)

Part Five: University Access Through Partnerships with Schools
Chapter 17: Extending Access into the Secondary Schools: The Case of Steps to University in Toronto - Thomas Mathien
Chapter 18: Teaching in the Steps to University Program: A Personal Reflection - Patricia Albanese
Chapter 19: Enhancing Access to University for "At-Risk" Students: The Steps to University Program in the Eyes of Two Participants - Watson E.J. Morris and Andrew C. Okolie
TYP Alumni Voices
Thirtieth Anniversary Class - Rosamund Dorrington (TYP 2000-2001)
My Life - Clint Otto (TYP 2000-2001)

Part Six: Access and Equity in Science and Math Education
Chapter 20: Science Literacy: Schooled Science in the Service of Equity and Social Justice - Wanja Gitari
Chapter 21: "Heteroglossia with Science": A Tool for Conceptualizing Curriculum for Science Students - Theresa Caolvini
Chapter 22: Mathematics and African Canadians - Francis Ahia
TYP Alumni Voices
I Want to Be the Main Role Model for My Child - Raquel Madahbee (TYP 2000-2001)
What TYP Meants to Me - John David Herron (TYP 2000-2001)
TYP: There Is a Light - Debbie Innes (TYP 2000-2001)

Notes on Contributors

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