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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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307 pages
6 x 9 inches
January 1999
Print ISBN: 9781551300931


In the mid 1960s the city of Halifax decided to relocate the inhabitants of Africville—a black community that had been transformed by civil neglect, mismanagement, and poor planning into one of the worst city slums in Canadian history. Africville is a sociological account of the relocation that reveals how lack of resources and inadequate planning led to devastating consequences for Africville relocatees.

Africville is a work of painstaking scholarship that reveals in detail the social injustice that marked both the life and the death of the community. It became a classic work in Canadian sociology after its original publication in 1974. The third edition contains new material that enriches the original analysis, updates the account, and highlights the continuing importance of Africville to black consciousness in Nova Scotia.

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Photographs and Maps
Preface to the 1974 Edition
Preface to the 1987 Edition
Preface to the 1999 Edition
Introduction: The Relocation Phenomenon and the Africville Study

Chapter One: Black Immigration to Nova Scotia and the Settlement of Africville
Chapter Two: Africville's Social Structure
Chapter Three: The Major Institution: The Seaview African United Baptist Church
Chapter Four: Africville as a Social Problem
Chapter Five: The Relocation Decision and Liberal-Welfare Rhetoric: 1962-1964
Chapter Six: Organization and Relocation: Mechanics and Limitations: 1964-1969
Chapter Seven: Relocation and Relocatees
Chapter Eight: The Implications of Africville Relocation
Chapter Nine: Deconstructing Africville: 1999

Foreword to the 1974 Edition – Guy Henson
Foreword to the 1987 Edition – Bridglal Pachai

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