Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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238 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2021
Print ISBN: 9780889616257


The first of its kind, Trans Youth Stories: An Intergenerational Dialogue after the “Trans Tipping Point” is a thematically organized collection of narratives, fiction, nonfiction, letters, poetry, graphics/comics, and visual pieces created by 26 Canadian transgender youth between the ages of 10 and 18. Arranged in sections on childhood, families, bodies, everyday life, schooling, mental health, and acceptance, each section concludes with a response written by a Canadian scholar in transgender studies in conversation with the youth. These responses contextualize the youth pieces with recent scholarship from the field and equip readers with concrete actions for research, activism, and professional practice.

Offering a unique and truthful depiction of young trans life and a holistic view of what it might be like to be a young trans person today, this groundbreaking volume will serve as an essential sourcebook for both students and teachers of gender and sexuality studies, trans studies, child and youth studies, counselling, and education.


  • a unique collection centering the voices of trans youth through first-hand perspectives followed by an extended scholarly response
  • includes additional resources and follow-up responses by scholars to help readers contextualize writings of trans youth

Table of Contents

Trans Tipping Point Logo by Dylan Ariawan and Elliot Kahn

Introduction by Dr. Lindsay Herriot and Kate Fry


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
The Blue Fairy by Ajam and Owen Miller
Mixed-Up by Asa O’Connor-Jaeckel
Pink Herrings by Christopher
Avatars by Lupus
Be It Not Black and White by Ajam
Response: Childhood and Cultural Representations by Christopher Wolff


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Family by Ajam
As Long As I’m Healthy by Max
Daddy’s Little Girl by Danny Charles
Be Strong Like Windows by Samuel Busch
Mommy by Ask Spirest
You Always Wanted A Girl by Asa O’Connor-Jaeckel
T by Samuel Busch
Prejudice Candle by Yakusinn DeBoer
Response: The Complexities of Family Rejection by Kyle Shaughnessy


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Reflection by Ajam
My Body by Jaxon Steele
Hair Expression by Tor Broughton
Strength by Lupus
Life Journey by Maisie Bodrug
Dysphoria by A.J. Gabriel
Disproportionate by Samuel Busch
Butterflies by Maisie Bodrug
My Home by Tor Broughton
Response: Life Itself: Trans Youth, Their Bodies, and the Freedom They Are Owed by Dr. Jake Pyne


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Government Buildings by Ajam
Airport by Jasper Ledgerwood
The Plan by Christopher
Untitled-2 by Riley
Dysphoria by Isaiah Hagerman
The Dream by Maisie Bodrug
Hidden Transphobia by Tor Broughton
Raise Your Voice by Jasper Ledgerwood
Queer, But Still a Christian by Alexander M-G
Tools of the Transgender Teen by Tor Broughton
Response: Everyone Has an Everyday Life by Dr. Lee Airton


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Where Do We Draw the Dividing Line? by Ajam
A Day in the Life of One Trans Person by Maisie Bodrug
Student Letter Responding to the Backlash on the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Curriculum by Anonymous, a transgender student
Discovery by Max
When You Call Me ‘"She" by Owen Miller
Boy or Girl? by Luna Orion
Strength by Finn Lewis
Response: Are We There Yet? Making a Roadmap Toward Thriving for Trans, Gender-Creative, Two-Spirit, Intersex, and Queer Youth in Schools by Lindsay Cavanaugh


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Transcend by Ajam
Self-Care by A.J. Gabriel
I Am Strong by Tor Broughton
Why? by Danny Charles
Whose Whore? by Ask Spirest (Spirit of the Forest)
Life Letter by Jaxon Steele
A Perspective on Growth by Alexander McIntyre
Untitled-1 by Riley
Starry Stabby + Live + Love by Ask Spirest
Poem For Your Troubles by Maisie Bodrug
Isolation by Asa O’Connor-Jaeckel
Response: Resistance, Community Care, and Speaking Up—Thinking Through Trans and Nonbinary Youth Writings on Mental Health, Childhood, and Cultural Representations by Astri Jack and J. Matsui De Roo


Key Themes
Critical Questions
Books We Love
Self-portrait by Ajam
Dear Grace by David Llewelyn
The Personal Dictionary of a Trans Semanticist by Christopher
I AM ART by Alexander McIntyre
Victoria by Tor Broughton
A Letter to the Girl I was Supposed to Be by Jaxon Steele
Sarah: A Trans Girl’s Story by Alexander M-G
Genderfluid by Hope
Embroidery by Tor Broughton
Response: Enough. Acceptance by Alyx MacAdams

Afterword by Glynne Evans (2 poems: Ditch The Straights’ Jacket and A Binary Binder)

Process and Methodology by Dr. Lindsay Herriot and Kate Fry

Author Bios

Glossary by Tash McAdam

Resources We Love
Resources and Services for Trans Youth and The Adults Who Love Them
Research Institutes About Trans Youth
Pronoun-Specific Resources


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