Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
358 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
December 2021
Print ISBN: 9781773382852


Featuring voices from academics, practitioners, school system leaders, school administrators, and graduate students from across Canada and abroad, this unique edited collection offers conceptual discussions and empirical examples of leadership for flourishing in a variety of educational contexts. This volume affirms that by fostering positive leadership, striving for well-being, and encouraging flourishing for all, significant benefits and new potentials will be felt throughout the learning communities. Grounded in theoretical approaches of positive leadership, positive psychology, and positive organizational scholarship, the accounts from K–12, post-secondary, and professional contexts explore the impacts and influences of leadership at all levels of education. Editors and chapter authors describe their research findings and first-hand experiences of supporting educators and school leaders in learning how to grow their agentic role for fostering well-being among all members of the community. The book is divided into three sections: stories of school-level flourishing, stories of personal professional flourishing, and stories of the impacts and influences of positive leadership in various educational contexts.

Engaging and practical, this book encourages readers to reflect on the topics through discussion questions and to apply the learning to their own educational and organizational settings. This positively oriented volume will be invaluable for students of educational leadership, education administration, and organizational studies in education, in North America and beyond.


  • chapters include pedagogical features such as concluding thoughts and discussion questions that bridge K–12 and higher education and reflect on education as a whole
  • offers an approach to educational leadership that emphasizes the well-being of both educators and students
  • features the voices of academics and school leaders from across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia

Table of Contents

Foreword: Bringing Out Positive Leadership in Uncertain Times
Megan Crawford


Introduction: Striving Toward Wellbeing: Creating Conditions and Structures for Flourishing in Education
Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Sabre Cherkowski, and Keith D. Walker

Section 1: Stories of School-level Flourishing

Chapter 1: Wellness as Foundation for Change: Intersection of Leadership and Trust
Randy Hetherington, Corey Haley, and Bryn Spence

Chapter 2: Implementing the Adult Education Strategy in Eastern Ontario: Exemplary Leadership Practices for Mobilizing Coalition and Supporting Wellbeing
Lorraine Godden, Alexandra Youmans,_ and Eleanor Newman

Chapter 3: Authority to Empathy, Leader to Servant: How Positive Leadership Can Mobilize Innovative Practices
Stephen MacGregor, Chris Brown, and Jane Flood

Chapter 4: Building Bridges for the Whole Child Education and Flourishing School Community: A Case Study of Effective Principal Leadership
Ma. del Carmen Esper

Chapter 5: Leading with Cultural Proficiency to Cultivate Flourishing Schools
Marco A. Nava, Delia Estrada, and Ileana M. Dávalos

Chapter 6: Positive Leadership Approaches: Principles and Practices for Flourishing Schools
Darcia Roache, Stanley Bruce Thomson, and Jason Marshall

Chapter 7: Flourishing in the Middle: Accessing the Expertise Within
Cherie Finley, Jake Schmidt, and Victoria Handford

Section 2: Stories of Personal Professional Flourishing

Chapter 8: Critical Conversations to Enhance Leaders’ Perceptions of Professional Efficacy
Sharon Allan, Pamela Adams, and Carmen Mombourquette

Chapter 9: From Popular Theory to Practical Application: How can Brené Brown’s Theories of Courageous Leadership Inform the Fields of International Education, Adult Education, and Online Education?
Jessica Della-Latta and Karen Burkett

Chapter 10: Sensing, Listening, Interpreting, Responding: Interoception in Educational Leadership
Sarah Shepherd

Chapter 11: Acculturation Lessons for Educator Flourishing while Sojourning Overseas
Rebecca Stroud Stasel

Chapter 12: Foreign Languages Education: An Unexplored Road to Positive Leadership and Well-Being
Roberto Jiménez-Arroyo

Section 3: Stories of the Impacts and Influences of Positive Leadership

Chapter 13: Taking an Inventory of Thriving: Ensuring That Graduate and Professional Students Have a Well-stocked Toolkit
Eleftherios Soleas, Heather Coe-Nesbitt, Anoushka Moucessian, and Nadia Arghash

Chapter 14: Appreciative Inquiry in the Classroom: A New Model for Teacher Development
Marine Miglianico, Nancy Goyette, Philippe Dubreuil, and Alain Huot

Chapter 15: Collaborative Leadership as an Approach to Promote Wellbeing on Post-secondary Campuses
Vicki Squires and Chad London

Chapter 16: How Positive Leadership Fosters Flourishing Relationships Towards Positive Outcomes: Reflections from Four Master of Education Students
Jason Anthony Singh, Tanjin Ashraf, Erica Cheng, and Joanne Lieu

Chapter 17: The Role of Relational and Positive Leadership within Doctoral Supervision Context
Maha Al Makhamreh and Benjamin Kutsyuruba

Concluding Thoughts: Momentum for Future Striving
Keith D. Walker, Sabre Cherkowski, and Benjamin Kutsyuruba

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