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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
174 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2018
Print ISBN: 9781773380278


Featuring candid stories from front-line workers in the human services across Canada, The Mentors Among Us takes a close look at the demands and strains students will face in the field and offers expertise and advice on best practices. In each chapter, students will be encouraged to engage in a story by choosing from a variety of possible resolutions, allowing them to explore alternative interventions and to view each situation from multiple perspectives. This unique and interactive choose-your-own-path format encourages critical thinking and collaborative discussion, and inspires students to think like professionals. A range of critical and timely topics are covered, including ethics, discrimination, parental rights, mental health, education, youth justice, abuse, addiction, confidentiality, and trauma.

This book is enhanced by a companion website with links to further readings and audio clips of the mentor stories, which support multiple learning styles and bring the content to life. The Mentors Among Us is well suited to introductory courses in the human services, specifically for courses in child and youth care, social service work, and early learning and child care programs.

Audio Supplements

  • Chapter 1: Matt’s Story:
  • Chapter 2: Olive’s Story:
  • Chapter 3: Alex’s Story:
  • Chapter 4: Paulette’s Story:
  • Chapter 5: Phoung’s Story:
  • Chapter 6: Sarah’s Story:
  • Chapter 7: Cowan’s Story:
  • Chapter 8: Jean’s Story:
  • Chapter 9: Renee’s Story:
  • Chapter 10: Isabelle’s Story:
  • Conclusion: Jamal’s Story:

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements ix

Introduction 1
Matt’s Story 5
Personal support worker

Key themes: self-care, values, ethics, employee/CYC code of conduct, incident report

Olive’s Story 19 — Program facilitator

Key themes: self-regulation, sense of belonging, self-esteem, strengths-based programming

Alex’s Story 29— Family–school liaison worker

Key themes: homelessness, evidence-based practice, education act

Paulette’s Story 41— Community youth worker

Key themes: case plan, attachment theory, genogram, wellness model

Phoung’s Story 61— Group-home personal support worker

Key themes: mental health, observation, poverty, staff handbook, communication book

Sara’s Story 77— Early intervention specialist

Key themes: English-language learners, trauma, culture shock

Cowan’s Story 91— Psychiatric aide

Key themes: person-centred care, complementary medicine, advocacy

Jean-Stéphane’s Story 107— Family support coordinator

Key themes: parental rights, child welfare, protection services

Renée’s Story 119— Child care centre supervisor

Key themes: custody, positive-behaviour supports, inclusive care plans, parenting styles

Isabelle’s Story 133— Intake worker at a shelter

Key themes: abuse, human rights, grief, documentation

Conclusion: Jamal’s Story 14— Director at a seniors’ assisted living facility

Key themes: intergenerational, ageism, social isolation, working with seniors

Appendices 155 Appendix A: Accident/Incident Report 156

Appendix B: Behaviour Report 158

Appendix C: Activity Outline 160

Appendix D: Case Plan Template 162

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