Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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  • April 2008
  • 9781551303468
  • $43.95 Print
  • $38.95 Digital

Educators' Discourses on Student Diversity in Canada

Context, Policy, and Practice
Diane Gérin-Lajoie
  • March 2008
  • 9781551303444
  • $58.95 Print
  • $53.95 Digital
  • September 2003
  • 9781551302461
  • $43.95 Print

Teaching for Equity and Diversity

Research to Practice
R. Patrick Solomon, Cynthia Levine-Rasky, Jordan Singer
  • February 2003
  • 9781551302195
  • $68.95 Print

Access and Equity in the University

A Collection of Papers from the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transistional Year Programme, University of Toronto
Keren Brathwaite
  • February 2002
  • 9781551301716
  • $30.95 Print

Inclusive Schooling

A Teacher's Companion to Removing the Margins
George J. Sefa Dei, Sonia James-Wilson, Jasmin Zine
  • November 2000
  • 9781894549011
  • $32.95 Print
  • $27.95 Digital

Weaving Connections

Educating for Peace, Social, and Environmental Justice
Tara Goldstein, David Selby
  • September 2000
  • 9781551301532
  • $43.95 Print
  • $38.95 Digital

Removing the Margins

The Challenges and Possibilities of Inclusive Schooling
George J. Sefa Dei, Irma Marcia James, Leeno Luke Karumanchery, Sonia James Wilson, Jasmin Zine