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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
379 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
December 2021
Print ISBN: 9781773382760


A unique text to the field, Doing Ethics in Child and Youth Care serves as an essential introductory guide to ethical practice across a range of child and youth care settings within North America. In addition to providing an overview of the Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals, with the full version included in an appendix, the text offers a practical and engaging introduction and explores the theoretical under-pinnings and field-specific application of ethics.

Organized into three parts, this volume begins by introducing the code of ethics for child and youth care professionals in North America as well as the ethical theories and the foundational skills to “do ethics,” including cultural humility, reflexivity, and ethical problem solving. The second part moves on to orient readers to a broad range of considerations for adopting an ethical stance, such as boundary management, responsibilities to the profession, community development and youth participation, and Indigenous perspectives on child and youth care ethics. Part three features some of the different settings in which child and youth care is practised in North America, such as substitute care, family work, intervention in schools, social media, research, and ethics training and supervision, and examines the unique ethical challenges in each of these settings.

With contributions from leading child and youth care scholars in Canada and the United States, this is a must-read for students and professional training programs in child and youth care, child and youth studies, and youth work across North America.


  • contributions from researchers, practitioners, and scholars from Canada and the United States
  • practice examples and reflective exercises to engage readers in developing an approach to ethical practice across a range of child and youth care settings
  • appendices containing the full Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals and a list of resources for ethical dilemmas and case studies to practise doing ethics

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Karen VanderVen and Sister Madeleine Rybicki


Introduction: An Orientation to Doing Ethics
Varda R. Mann-Feder

Part I: Foundations

Chapter 1: A User’s Guide to the North American Code of Ethics
Frank Eckles and James Freeman

Chapter 2: Doing Ethics and Reflexivity
Varda R. Mann-Feder

Chapter 3: Three Approaches to Ethical Theory
Mark Greenwald

Chapter 4: Feminist Relational Ethics
Jennifer White

Chapter 5: Context and Cultural Humility
Jaspreet Bal

Chapter 6: A Reflexive Relational Model for Ethical Decision-Making in Child and Youth Care
Varda R. Mann-Feder and Laura Steckley

Part II: Ethical Considerations

Chapter 7: Creating Useful Boundaries and Ethical Child and Youth Care Practice
Jack Phelan

Chapter 8: Doing Ethics and the Profession
Doug Magnuson

Chapter 9: Ethical Issues in Community Youth Development and Youth Participation
Natasha Blanchet-Cohen and Julia L. Ginsburg

Chapter 10: Indigenous Perspectives on Child and Youth Care Ethics
Elizabeth Fast and Mel Lefebvre

Chapter 11: Self-Care as an Ethical Imperative in Child and Youth Care
J. Nicole Little

Part III: Doing Ethics in Child and Youth Care Settings

Chapter 12: Doing Ethics in Substitute Care
Heather Modlin

Chapter 13: Doing Ethics in Family Intervention
Lesley Goodyear and Kelly Shaw

Chapter 14: Ethical Child and Youth Care in Schools
Tina Kroll-Neary

Chapter 15: Social Media and Child and Youth Care Ethics
Howard M. Bloom

Chapter 16: Research for, with, and by Young People
Carol Stuart

Chapter 17: Ethics Training and Supervision
Dale Curry

Conclusion: Putting It All Together
Varda R. Mann-Feder

Appendix A: Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals

Appendix B: Resources for Ethical Dilemmas

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