Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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450 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
May 2015
Print ISBN: 9781551307145


Immigration, settlement, and integration are vital issues in the twenty-first century—they propel economic development, transform cities and towns, shape political debate, and challenge established national identities. This original collection provides the first comprehensive introduction to the contemporary immigrant experience in both the United States and Canada by exploring national, regional, and metropolitan contexts.

With essays by an interdisciplinary team of American and Canadian scholars, this volume explores major themes such as immigration policy; labour markets and the economy; gender; demographic and settlement patterns; health, well-being, and food security; education; and media. Each chapter includes instructive case examples, recommended further readings, links to web-based resources, and questions for critical thought.

Engaging and accessible, Immigrant Experiences in North America will appeal to students and instructors across the social sciences, including geography, political science, sociology, policy studies, and urban and regional planning.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Understanding Immigration, Settlement, and Integration in North America, John Shields and Harald Bauder
Chapter 1: Two Centuries of Immigration to North America, Robert Vineberg
Chapter 2: The Transformation of US Immigration Policy, Philip Kretsedemas
Chapter 3: Continuity and Change in Canadian Immigration Policy, Myer Siemiatycki
Chapter 4: Security and Its Impact on Migrants and Refugees, Tariq Amin-Khan
Chapter 5: Illegalized Migrants, Charity-Ann Hannan
Chapter 6: Finding Work: The Experience of Immigrants in North America, Michael Samers and Mitchell Snider
Chapter 7: Experiences of Highly Educated Immigrants, Maria Adamuti-Trache
Chapter 8: Immigration Status and the Legalization of Inequality, Nandita Sharma
Chapter 9: Ethnic Retailing, Zhixi Cecilia Zhuang, Tony Hernandez, and Shuguang Wang
Chapter 10: Immigrant Women in Canada and the United States, Leslie Nichols and Vappu Tyyskä
Chapter 11: The Schooling of Children of Immigrants, Mehrunnisa Ahmad Ali
Chapter 12: Newcomer Food Security and Safety, Mustafa Koc, Kristen Soo, and Lichun Willa Liu
Chapter 13: The Health of Immigrants and Refugees, Morton Beiser
Chapter 14: Immigrant Health Services and Healthcare, Lu Wang
Chapter 15: Ethnic Media: On the Margins No More, April Lindgren
Chapter 16: Changing Immigrant Settlement Patterns in North America’s Gateway Cities, Sutama Ghosh and Raymond M. Garrison

Glossary of Key Concepts
Copyright Acknowledgements


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