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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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392 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
March 2007
Print ISBN: 9781551303222


Canadian society is rapidly changing. This concise, up-to-date volume masterfully captures this change. Edited by two of Canada's leading demographers, Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr, this book is an exciting entry in Canadian population studies, drawing from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, geography, economics, history, and epidemiology.

The Changing Face of Canada is an essential text for demography courses across the country.

Each reading has been meticulously edited and concisely ordered into five essential sections:

  • fertility
  • mortality
  • international migration, domestic migration and population distribution
  • population aging
  • population composition
Vital issues include: the role of immigration in Canada's future; the deteriorating economic welfare of immigrants; globalization, undocumented migration, and unwanted refugees; Aboriginal population change; implications of unprecedented low fertility; and the astonishing demographic transformation of Canadian cities.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Population Change into the 21st Century — Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot

Section 1: Fertility
Chapter 2: Fertility Decline and Social Change: New Trends and Challenges — Bali Ram
Chapter 3: The Northern America Fertility Divide — Barbara Boyle Torrey and Nicholas Eberstadt
Chapter 4: Women, Priests, and Physicians: Family Limitation in Quebec, 1940–1970 — Diane Gervais and Danielle Gauvreau
Chapter 5: The Fertility of Immigrant Women and Their Canadian-Born Daughters — Alain Bélanger and Stéphane Gilbert

Section 2: Mortality
Chapter 6: 100 Years of Health — Susan Crompton
Chapter 7: Declining Mortality and Improved Health Status in 20th-Century Quebec: The Benefits of Medicine and Socio-economic Development — Robert Bourbeau and Mélanie Smuga
Chapter 8: A Comparison of U.S. and Canadian Mortality in 1998 — Barbara Boyle Torrey and Carl Haub
Chapter 9: Narrowing Sex Differential in Life Expectancy in Canada — Frank Trovato

Section 3: International Migration, Domestic Migration, and Population Distribution
Chapter 10: 100 Years of Immigration — Monica Boyd and Michael Vickers
Chapter 11: Globalization, Undocumented Migration, and Unwanted Refugees: Trends, Explanations, and Solutions — Alan B. Simmons
Chapter 12: What Is the Role of Immigration in Canada’s Future? — Alan G. Green
Chapter 13: The Deteriorating Economic Welfare of Immigrants and Possible Causes: Update 2005 — Garnett Picot and Arthur Sweetman
Chapter 14: Migration and the Demographic Transformation of Canadian Cities: The Social Geography of Canada’s Major Metropolitan Centres in 2017 — Daniel Hiebert

Section 4: Population Aging
Chapter 15: Aging and Social Security Program Reforms: Canada in International Perspective — Jacques Légaré
Chapter 16: Geographic Dimensions of Aging in Canada, 1991–2001 — Eric G. Moore and Michael A. Pacey
Chapter 17: Misconceptions and Misapprehensions about Population Aging — Ellen M. Gee

Section 5: Population Composition
Chapter 18: The Changing Face of Canada: The Uneven Geographies of Population and Social Change — Larry S. Bourne and Demaris Rose
Chapter 19: Changes in Conjugal Life in Canada: Is Cohabitation Progressively Replacing Marriage? — Céline Le Bourdais and Évelyn Lapierre-Adamcyk
Chapter 20: Shifts in Ethnic Origins among the Offspring of Immigrants: Is Ethnic Mobility a Measurable Phenomenon? — Gustave Goldmann
Chapter 21: From Pre-contact to the Present: The Demography of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada — Donna Maynard and Don Kerr
Chapter 22: Spatial Residential Patterns of Selected Ethnic Groups: Significance and Policy Implications — T.R. Balakrishnan and Stephan Gyimah
Chapter 23: Conclusion: Population Change and Policy Implications — Roderic Beaujot and Don Kerr

Appendix: Canadian Population Estimates (1971–2005) and Projections (2005–2031)


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